Case Studies

Network Switch Operating System Development and Verification

End-to-end software development and verification for a popular network switch delivered for a leading global vendor during a nearly decade-long strategic collaboration.

SDN Solution for Network Load Balancing

Development of an infrastructure SDN solution for network load balancing in the Customer’s data center, based on OpenFlow, OpenDaylight, OvS.

SDN Traffic Steering Solution Development

Development of an SDN solution for traffic steering in the network infrastructure for a European Internet service provider.

Smart Home Solution PoC

A proof of concept of a scalable OpenHAB-based smart home solution enabling energy consumption optimization as well as comfort, home security, safety and media control.

The Lighting World: Industrial Light & Power Automation

Innovative real-time management and monitoring solution of lighting and power supply, resulting in drastic energy efficiency improvement

Sleep Tracking Wearable Technology Solution

Hardware and software design for a high-accuracy wearable sleep tracking device with implementation of advanced data visualization techniques

Test Automation for DPDK Ecosystem Plugins

Increased automated test cases coverage and improved product quality - on a very aggressive project timeline

Test Automation for Switching Protocol Stack

Implementation of a test automation approach that resulted in improved project visibility, as well as significant optimization

SDN-Enabled Corporate Wi-Fi

Solution prototype development for corporate Wi-Fi system supporting automatic wireless authentication for BYOD

North-Bound API for Data Center Networking Solution

Firmware development for high capacity data center switch product family with support of programmable interfaces