Case Studies

Sleep Tracking Wearable Technology Solution

Hardware and software design for a high-accuracy wearable sleep tracking device

Test Automation for DPDK Ecosystem Plugins

Provided increased automated test cases coverage and improved product quality - on a very aggressive project timeline.

Test Automation for Switching Protocol Stack

Implementation of a test automation approach that resulted in improved project visibility, as well as significant reductions in management overhead, time, and costs.

SDN-Enabled Corporate Wi-Fi

Solution prototype development for corporate Wi-Fi system supporting automatic wireless authentication in accordance with BYOD (bring your own device) policies

North-Bound API for Data Center Networking Solution

Firmware development for high capacity data center switch product family with support of programmable interfaces

Experimental OpenFlow Fields: PoC

Enabling OpenFlow protocol extensions to support valuable vendor-specific features on OpenFlow-compatible Layer3 switch

Wireless Location Tracking System

A turnkey object tracking platform for manufacturing companies, implemented with best practices of Industry 4.0 paradigm

Assets Performance Monitoring Solution

Full-stack Industrial IoT solution for remote management of printing assets, providing significant cost saving via automation and predictive maintenance & analysis

SDN R&D for the Industrial Sector

Research and development of a virtual SDN switch for the Industrial sector, contributing to the Customer winning a $2 million contract