Industrial IoT Development for Equipment Manufacturers

IoT Industrial Automation: Smarter products

Market pressure like dropping oil prices and decline in energy consumption as well as the surge for new offerings are pushing industrial players to economize and innovate – two seemingly conflicting goals. Is your industrial business on a mission to improve reliability, optimize operations or create new customer value?

Turning any object into the source of information with sensors, Big Data processing and analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides businesses with insights into the previously invisible aspects of operations, driving timely and more effective business decisions.

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Industrial IoT benefits for your business

The Industrial IoT has the potential to deliver tangible results and create competitive edge for your products or services. Built upon the Industry 4.0 paradigm of connecting individuals and machines seamlessly across the value chain, the IIoT changes the way businesses operate, bringing digital transformation to Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Transportation & Logistics industries:

  • Increasing competitive advantage with IoT-enabled product
  • Boosting end customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Optimizing business processes via access to customer intelligence on product usage, quality, performance
  • Equipment maintenance costs optimization.

What we can do for you

With experience in embedded systems engineering and network connectivity development since 2007, PLVision develops highly customized turnkey IoT solutions that your business processes. We will help you starting from your needs analysis and technical requirements definition to development of the end-to-end solution and IoT education for your personnel.

Many industrial product manufacturers are already optimizing their business processes and OPEX as well as increasing their customer satisfaction with PLVision’s implemented solutions for:


Remote asset monitoring

Remote asset monitoring

Getting accurate, real-time sensory data about the state of equipment located at remote destinations

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Predicting possible equipment issues and break-downs, and considerably cutting maintenance costs

Real-time asset data sync with ERP or MES

Real-time asset data sync with ERP or MES

Integrating your product with ticket management systems and accounting databases to enable immediate response to arising issues, as well as their evaluation

“This was our first IoT project. They did an exceptional job developing what we wanted and feedback was very good.... We couldn’t be happier.”

President, Utilities Company, Oil & Gas

Industrial IoT Case Studies

The Customer is a logistics company with multiple offices and warehouses in North America. With regard to their distribution across the region, the Customer had a need to centrally track and manage their printing assets. Existing maintenance process did not allow for prediction of printers’ malfunctions and downtime, which was a direct blocker of a Customer’s ability to provide logistics services.

PLVision developed a turnkey vendor-agnostic IoT solution for industrial printer status monitoring via a convenient, responsive web interface.

  • In 1 week PLVision’s team gathered the source data and helped the Customer to define technical requirements according to their business needs.
  • In 2 weeks solution architecture was developed based on Raspberry Pi platform with a 3G modem.
  • In 6 weeks we enabled printer data collection using SNMP, as well as designed hardware proxy for secured Machine-to-Cloud communication.
  • In 2 months the fully functional turnkey IoT solution underwent compliance testing and was presented to the Customer.

PLVision’s tailored solution allowed the Customer to optimize resource delivery logistics and planning via prediction of supplies, replenishment and utilization of consumables. As a result, they cut their maintenance costs by over 30% in 3 months.

Case Study: IoT Solution for Printing Assets Management

Maintenance costs cut by 30% in 3 months

The Customer is a North American industrial equipment manufacturer and maintenance service provider for Oil & Gas industry, striving to gain competitive edge via optimized asset maintenance cycle.

PLVision developed a cloud-based IoT solution aimed at equipment monitoring and data collection for further predictive maintenance analysis. With severe deadlines to be met due to the start of the Customer’s marketing campaigns and expected time-to-market, PLVision completed the project 1 week ahead of time.

  • In 2 weeks PLVision’s team conducted requirements identification and analysis as well as commenced translating the Customer’s business needs into technical solution.
  • In 7 weeks MVP was presented with fully developed core feature set.
  • In 3,5 months we conducted the final demo and developed extensive user documentation according to established quality guidelines.
  • In 4 months the Customer obtained a bundled IoT solution and was able to sell their hardware with a software package for data collection engineered by PLVision.

This comprehensive solution allowed end-customers to reduce their operational and maintenance costs by 25% due to absence of redundant on-site equipment checks to predict possible malfunctions, as well as cut total cost of ownership of their assets by up to 30%.


Case Study: IoT Solution for Oil & Gas Equipment Monitoring

Operational and maintenance costs reduced by 25% and TCO by 30%

We offer you flexibility with selection of software and hardware components for your connected product. Learn about our cross-domain technology expertise in the IoT that helps us build innovative and effective Industrial IoT solutions.

Verify your Industrial IoT solution prototype

Hesitant about investing in IoT as unable to estimate real value it can add to your industrial product? PLVision can help you build a fully functional prototype and visualize how it works with our Application Enablement Platform.

Our IoT platform allows to quickly connect your sensor-enabled equipment to an emulated vendor-agnostic ecosystem and get real-time data about its operation. You can obtain first results to showcase for your customers and validate your assumptions, at no cost or obligation.

Take the first step to implementing an IoT solution for your industrial product! Contact us to request a generic or business-specific demo of PLVision's IoT Application Enablement Platform.

Industrial IoT services for your business needs

PLVision develops tailored solutions that allow our customers to increase service qualityreduce failure rates and radically cut operational and maintenance costs.

Based on your business goals, your custom industrial IoT solution development may include the following services:


Business needs analysis
Business needs analysis
PoC and MVP development
PoC and MVP development
Core product update
Core product update
IIoT R&D and Consultancy
IIoT R&D and Consultancy
Solution Integration and Maintenance
Solution Integration and Maintenance
Compliance testing
Compliance testing
Who we are

PLVision is a turnkey solution development and consulting company with focus on software development, providing highly customized Industrial Internet of Things solutions for Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities and other industries. As a trusted technology partner, we increase competitive advantage of your core product, enabling quick business results of your IoT journey.

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