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IoT Industrial Automation

A part of a larger, Internet of Things concept, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is revolutionizing the manufacturing process. Collecting data with the help of machines and sensors at every step of production, Industrial Internet employs Big Data and Analytics to help companies drive better business decisions.

Built upon Industry 4.0 paradigm of decentralized, “smart”, production powered by cyber-physical systems, IIoT brings about digital transformation for power and energy, oil and gas, healthcare, manufacturing and construction industries. It changes the way businesses operate, opening new opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

Looking for an IIoT software development partner?

At PLVision, we design and deploy software for equipment and facility monitoring, data acquisition, transmission and analysis.

We develop custom Industrial IoT solutions

With valuable experience in embedded systems and network software development since 2007, PLVision develops custom solutions for smart manufacturing and product IoTization. These Industrial IoT solutions allow our customers to increase service quality, reduce failure rates and radically cut operational and maintenance costs:

  • Production line remote monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance and fault detection
  • Failure mitigation and safety control
  • Inventory tracking and analytics (spare parts management)
  • Remote asset management
  • Storage or warehouse conditions control
  • Smart building energy management
  • Cloud-based data storage and analytics

As a customer centric boutique software house, we build tailored Industrial IoT solutions that perfectly fit your business. We offer reasonable pricing for getting your own solution without platform or equipment vendor lock-in.

Our Industrial IoT expertise can help you adjust to market trends and provide your business with competitive advantage.

Industrial IoT sofware development:

Firmware development, sensors and actuators integration
Firmware development, sensors and actuators integration
Data acquisition and transmission, aggregation and storage
Data acquisition and transmission, aggregation and storage
IoT Cloud services (BI applications, connectivity to DCS and ERP systems, web UI development)
IoT Cloud services (BI applications, connectivity to DCS and ERP systems, web UI development)
Customization of ready-made Industrial IoT platforms, PLC and SCADA integration
Customization of ready-made Industrial IoT platforms, PLC and SCADA integration

Make your products smart, with a trusted vendor leading you into the IoT world.

We create competitive advantage for industrial companies by providing:

  • Vendor-independent IIoT solutions that can be integrated with customer’s existing hardware or software infrastructure
  • Cross-domain expertise that allows us to design top-notch custom IIoT solutions adding value to your products
  • Expertise in Cloud, Fog, Edge Computing, IoT, Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms
  • Best practices of Industry 4.0 paradigm that aims at end-to-end digitization of all physical assets and their integration into digital ecosystems.

PLVision's Industrial IoT services

Industrial IoT Solution Development
Industrial IoT Solution Development

We apply our cross-domain expertise to help you take your product and business to the next level. Whether developing a full solution, or a certain component, we help you obtain tangible benefits by connecting your previously disconnected assets.

IIoT R&D and Consultancy
IIoT R&D and Consultancy

Considering IoT-ization but unsure about the potential value? Start small by investing into PoC or MVP development. Our R&D Lab performs hands-on evaluation and technical research to ensure a smooth start to your Industrial IoT journey.

IoT Product Integration and Maintenance
IoT Product Integration and Maintenance

Rapid changes in the Internet of Things technology create challenges for industrial businesses who have already joined the game. We can help you build and maintain the competitive edge of your IoT-empowered product.

Selecting the best Industrial IoT platform for your solution

You need a suitable Industrial IoT platform to transmit, store and process huge amounts of data generated by all of your things connected to the Cloud. We will help you select the most suitable option using popular platforms deployed on top of Cloud infrastructure or on your own premises.

Using a ready-built IoT platform enables you to scale faster and easier. Still, it requires development efforts like customized Web UI, application of analytics and organization of data storage. We can develop a fast IIoT solution prototype for you to get first results to showcase to your customers and quickly validate your assumptions.

We have expertise in:

Cloud Platforms

Cloud Platforms

ThingWorx, Etherias, EVRYTHNG, GE Predix, Arrayent
Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, AWS, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud Engine, Eclipse IoT

Building your own IIoT solution

You can choose to develop your own Industrial IoT solution with us from scratch using Cloud infrastructure. While building a custom-made solution requires a certain investment in the start, it enables you to closely tailor the application to your business needs. Then you can scale wisely, minimizing your OPEX by avoiding vendor platform subscription fee.

We care about your customers. Industrial IoT solutions that we build can help you leverage your customer intelligence data to improve customer experience, involvement and loyalty.

Benefits of Industrial Internet of Things development for your business

  • Higher efficiency of production (energy and resources, speed of delivery, utilization and cost of production)
  • Increased safety of production
  • Improved end-product characteristics, added value to the product
  • Improved service quality
  • Faster failure identification, reduced repair cycle time

Industrial IoT Case Studies

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